Rubber coated husband

During our holiday I bounced ideas of my husband, who over the years has developed a rubber coating impervious to dumb ideas. Regardless of what I throw at him he has the ability to filter out the rubbish and pinpoint the required. Saying things out loud to someone really helped, it was a bit like brain storming, one thing lead to another. We came up with a multitude of variations but none were quite right, although the bouncing did spark off a flurry of rewriting in the first ¾ of the piece. Rewriting the first ¾ had a similar effect, as I played with things the ending became evident. So I set to writing the ending with echoes in my mind from the bouncing: that sounded good, if I do this then I can write that, this should work. Yeah right. I knew how it should end but every time I wrote it – to me, it sounded really contrived. Luckily this coincided with my turn to present a piece for workshopping.

Reading your work aloud to a group of writers is a very daunting but beneficial experience. I learned that the ending was believable and received excellent feedback on the tension and emotions, where to highlight and were to dampen. I was encouraged. I had a complete story and first draft.

Boab Great Great Northern Highway between broome and Willare

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