Brooch Art Unique Abstract Design Inspired by Nature: Cape Leeuwin


Confluence of two great oceans with blistering winds sculpting boulders into rounded forms all awash with churning froth.  Smell that fresh salty air.

Wearable Art inspired by Western Australia Handmade in Fremantle

Colours may vary slightly on computer & device screens.

Polymer clay.  Wipe clean with soft damp cloth.

Do NOT place in washing machine or tumble dryer.

Magnetic clasp not suitable for use with pacemakers.


Inspiration & Technique

Western Australia

Vast inland scapes that are dominated by an intense red ochre palette interspersed by brief but spectacular plant life that blooms then fades leaving the ancient rock forms in silence once again.  Our magnificent coastline is lined with squeaky white beaches, rugged rocky cliffs and desert sands with clear clean aqua, turquoise and deep blue waters pounded by the sound of surf and waves.

Cape Leeuwin on a wet and windy day.


Additional information

Brooch Shape

Circle 60mm diameter, Rectangle 70mm x 40mm

ShapeApproximate Size
Rectangle70mm x 40mm
Circle60mm diamter
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