Painting the canvas

This next step is where your small canvas comes into the equation.  Practice on these until you are confident with the paiting process then move onto your larger canvas.

Cover the canvas with a thin even layer of retarder.  While it is still wet apply the drakest colour blue to the bottom third of the canvas.  It doesn’t have to be perfect or even – in fact you get a better result with uneven amounts of paint.  We are not painting like we would a house or wall – even and smooth – we are almost pushing the paint around in the retarder – its called working the paint.

Now add the second blue to the middle third and work the paint.  Try to blend bewteen the layers.  Add the last colour to the top third and repeat the process.

Don’t worry if the paint is sloppy or runny – this is good!   Now we apply the plastic film/wrap.  As you cover the canvas scrunch the film so there is plenty to play with – we don’t want a tight layer – it should be loose and workable.  The more film you can push around the more interesting the effect will be.  When you cover the large canvas – scrunch each layer of plastic film before laying the next.  Leave to dry – again will depend on where you live!  See you next post – the unveiling of the plastic film.

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