Mrs Phoebe Miller – Housekeeper

My role in the house is that of housekeeper  who is repsonsible for the smooth running of the house and all of the female staff.  When researching a house keeper’s role I came across the wonderful Hannah Wolley and her 3 publications of sage wisdom and advice for gentle women who aspire to run a smooth a and efficient household.  She advices that I should carry myself as  grave, solid and serious and I should be competent in preserving, conserving and candy making and of course all manner of waters.  I should be careful when looking after the rest of the servants ensuring they perform their duties correctly and that no goods be spoilt or embezelled!

I just have to share this recipe for Plague Water:

One pound of Rue, Sage, Rosemary, Sorel, Celandine, Mugwort, the tops of Red Brambles, Pimpernel, Wild Dragons, Agrimony, Balm, Angelica.
Put together in a pot and cover with white wine, let stand for 4 dasy then distill it for your use.

Might not have cured plague but it probably smelled better than the inhabitants of the city.

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