Making the Coral – design and prep

I won’t be giving you detailed instructions on how to make felt in these posts.  There are instructions under the How to Series in this site – just register as a user and you can view them for free.  Remember to read the whole post before you begin!

Materials for the Coral
: See the How to series mentioned above.
Wool tops: I used a total of 550gms of wool spread across three colours, Agent Orange, Saffron and Flirt.
Treetops Colours Harmonies  have a fabulous range of amazing colours and Nancy and Heather are very helpful – they post around the world.

Design ideas

I always research a topic before I begin – nature is the best designer so use her talents.  I chose this fan coral from a book I own about the Ningaloo Reef.  This magnificent yet relatively undiscovered reef is in the north west corner of Western Australia, it is by far my favourite place in WA (except for our beach shack!).  The coral reef is but 20 metres from shore so snorkelling is off the beach and not a long boat ride like many other reefs.  Coral Bay – the settlement where you can stay in a variety of accommodation types – is a sleepy village for most of the year but during school holidays its population is magnified.

I have volumes of sketch/design books where is draw, note, write and calculate the finished project for a couple of reasons.  Firstly: Memory – if I don’t write it down I will forget something!  Secondly:  Cost – if you plan you minimise waste of materials and lastly: Technique – not everything goes to plan – I also adjust the notes to reflect the things I learn along the way.


Next post we begin.

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