Laying the rest of the wool

Now for the rest of the wool.

The picture below shows the first layer on the first half of the fan.  I have covered it with thin plastic so I can roll it up and move the whole project over to reach the rest of the fan.  This first layer – Agent Orange – is the layer that will be seen.

Continue to lay the second half and wet down.  Now add the second layer – Saffron and wet down.  Cover this side with plastic, roll up and move the project so you can get to the first half.  Continue to lay the Saffron.  You should have two complete wet down layers.

Third layer second half

when all three layers are completed and wet down start the felting process.  Remember if you don’t know how to felt see the How to Series in this site, simply become a registered user and access is free.


Next phase is the stitching.

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