Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fabulous break and look forward to a prosperous 2011.

As promsied I will post my progress on this project but just to recap; I  have decided to make a giant piece of fan coral from felt and mount it on a painted canvas.  So far the canvas is painted, the felt has been made and I am doing the hand stitching.  Each post will contain a step with plenty of photographs of the process and snippets of info.  If you don’t already know how to make felt I have posted a permanent page in the “how to series” section.  These are the booklets that accompanied my workshops over the years and all I ask is that you register as a user to view them.  I will post more of my booklets in the coming months.  But back to the fan coral…

Materials for painting
Canvas large:  I bought a 1200mm x 900mm stretched canvas from one the warehouse art supply places, just make sure you buy a heavy duty frame type as felt can be heavy.  They are already primed (painted with Gesso) but I like to prime them again to ensure a clean white background.
Canvas Small: I always make a maquette or sample of each project, so I bought 3 small canvasses for that purpose.
Gesso: White paint with grounds (bits) to give you an excellent surface for the paint.
Brushes: You’ll need a fairly large brush as we are covering a large surface – I used a couple of  5cm (2 inch) brushes – one for paint, one for retarder medium
Retarder Medium:  This slows down the drying time of acrylic paint so you can blend the layers of colour.
Plastic film/wrap:  This is for the water effect.
Acrylic Gouache: I used Jo Sonja Ultramarine, Ultramarine Deep & Aqua
Old Towels or Rags:  Cover your surface with old towels or sheets and always have one handy to wipe your hands or spills with.
White Paper: I used just plain old A4 but you chose what you have available.  We will do a ghost print from the plastic film with this.

We are ready to begin!  See you in the next post with all your equipment.

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