Fish Skeletons

By this stage I had used all of the black felt that I made for the Peek a boos and I felt (sorry no pun intended) that as the black felt was the thread in the project I either had to make some more or find some.  After much rummaging, snuffling, shuffling and scuffling through my studio, to my delight I found a large piece of black felted Felbi – Felbi is a trade name of needle felted batts, sold by the lovely Chrissy at Fibre Fusion.   These batts are fantastic for making large areas of felt as you don’t have to lay the wool – its already kind of pre-felted – you simply full the batt using your choice of methods.  Anyway – it means I don’t after to make any more!

So onto the fish skeletons.  I cut about 4 strips of felt 70mm wide and 500mm long.  Folded them in half and ironed (pressed) them so they stayed that way and pinned them about10mm in from the fold.  This was the guide for the cuts, I cut into the felt approximately 4mm to 7 mm apart ensuring that they were NOT even.  After unpinning I simply stretched the strip to open the cuts and give a fish skeleton appearance to the strip.

Although I intended to use beads in this somewhere  the skeletons looked a little plain:- Plaid dimensional paint to the rescue!  I have always loved this stuff.  It was really popular in the late 1990s to make cutesy sayings and images of puppies on kids and Granny’s t-shirts.  Usually ending up very tacky or kitsch at the least.  BUT it has so much potential – I have used it to decorate many of my pieces including many of my winning competition entries.  My Champion Beanie from the Alice Springs Beanie Fest of 2007 had Plaid dimensional paint on it.  For those who don’t know about the Beanie Fest check out their website – its an amazing annual event that has run for over 10 years now and attracts entrants and participants from around the world.  I am thinking of entering this year – if I do I will post the project in a couple of months.  But back to the skeletons…

Where to put the paint?  The skeleton lacked detail so the paint will provide it – just some tiny dots of white and random strips of sparkling blue.

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