Felting workshops in the UK

I am venturing to the UK in October 2016 with my Mum – we are planning to visit all the places that our ancestors came from,  as they migrated to South Australia in the early 1840s as first settlers. Its been fun tracing our heritage and Google Earthing all the sites but it will be even better to see them.

This presents an opportunity to teach some workshops in the UK at a reduced cost to any groups or person(s) that might like to host me as there will be no travel or accommodation expenses.  I would love to spread my knowledge of complex resists and have three wonderful workshops to do just that.  They can be tailor made to suit timetable and audience considerations.  The three themes are:

  1. The Felted Cactus Garden
  2. Zooxanthallae – Coral Reefs
  3. Structural & Sculptural: Complex 3D Shapes in Felt

Full details of each are here: Workshops

Contact me at:  soosie@soosie.com.au

Barrel Cactus  Spotted wrasse  IMG_4847

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