Faster than a speeding bullet – train that is.

Travelling by train is the only way in Japan. They are fast, efficient, clean and super organised. So far we have mastered the Shinkansen (bullet train), trams, two subways and now the regional trains.  On top of this is the inherent politeness of the people themselves. So far every time we have looked a little lost or perplexed some one has come to our rescue with utter grace and calm.

My usually diligent husband left his back pack on the Tokyo bound Shinkansen and only noticed after we go off at Kyoto. Panic set in as we scurried for the Lost n Found info counter as he realised that not only was my SLR digital camera in the bag but his passport as well!  I had visions of spending a week of our holiday in the Aussie embassy trying to prove who he was.  But we should have known better – with the usual Japanese aplomb phone calls were made, the bag located and promptly returned to our hotel the next day. No bother, no fuss, no hassle and not one thing missing. In fact they had wrapped my camera in bubblewrap just to make sure it was OK.

I dread to think what would have happened to the bag and its contents if we had left it on the train to Perth -never seen it again I think.

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