Dinner Party Protocol

Our Menu

Table is laid

Crawfish Soup served by the Lord with Toasts by each male member of the party.

Ducks a la mode
Brace of Carp with gravy
Potatoes & parsnips
Ragoo of cucumbers
Forced cabbage
Baked custard

First two courses

The table would now be cleared of all items and reset for the second half of the sitting.

Roast Beef
Orange & Lemon tart
Curran Jelly
Whipt Syllabub
A grand trifle

Dried and fresh fruits
Small cakes – Pepper cake, Gingerbread, Macaroons
Confections from the larder

Next two courses
Syllabub and a Grand Trifle

At the conclusion of the meal the gentlemen would retire to his drawing room, library or his cabinet if the group where comprised of appropriate gentlemen. They would drink port or other fortified wines from the continent, smoke cigars, discuss politics or play games and gamble – or all at once.

The women would retire to her drawing room or parlour to do similar but in a much more ladylike manner. The would drink sweet dessert wines, play music, games or cards and importantly gossip.

Prior to the engagement the household staff would clean, clean, clean and clean some more! Food preparations would start very early in the morning and finish very late at night. Staff – be prepared for a very long day.

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