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I do love a good glue!  One that will pretty well stick anything together and dry clear and remain flexible.  Combine this with scraps of fabric and I’m in heaven.  After another rummage around in my plastic crates I had a significant pile of felt and nuno treasures ready, eager and willing to sacrifice themselves to the cause.  Scissors in hand I commenced.  To tie these pieces into the whole curtain I did a couple of things, firstly used more black felt and secondly repeat the shapes of the Peek a boos.  I cut several strips of black felt 70mm wide and then into 90mm lengths echoing the same dimensions as the Peek a boo template.  To break it up a little I cut another batch in half again so they were 70mm wide and 45mm long.

Next step I cut pieces of scrap to the dimensions of the hole in the Peek a boo strips, ie 30mm wide by 50mm long.  I then cut some even small pieces approx 15mm wide by 35mm long.  By playing around with the order, orientation and the colours this is what I came up with:

When it came to stringing them – the shapes needed breaking up – so I added some more Sushi rolls.

I didn’t want to repeat the same pattern so with the addition of some glass beads and felt beads/balls I created a second string.

The dots are plain white felt balls cut in half and coloured ones in the centre.

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