Creative Luxuries

Singapore and Melaka were fabbo, we had a great time and I did buy 5 saris of which I will felt later.  But I have neglected my blog, second life and housework.  I’m not too worried about the last one but the other two are concerning.  So here I am.  My head is completely torn in two at the moment as both my Uni units are excellent!  I have already spoken of my Georgian period experince in Second Life and will continue that thread but I haven’t spoken of my Creative Writing unit.  Its the last one to complete my Minor and it is the Project – a 6000 word short story.

I have always approached writing creatively as I would any other creative process but today I realised that with writing you get loads of chances to make it just how you want it.  In my normal practice I plan a project with enough detail to ensure the outcome is within my expectations but still allowing for necessary changes along the way.  But with a felting or painting project, once you start the process, there is no rewrite.  The result you get is it.  There’s no do over – but in writing you can edit your work as many times as you wish.

I think this is a luxury, a creative luxury.  Which ties up nicely with a reading I have just done for the History unit.  Its about the roots of consumerism in Geogorgian England.  The reading asks the question what is luxury?  Is it brand names and expensive items?  I don’t think so – I think luxury is anything that you would pay a price for.  For some it could be an experience, for some it is Prada or Armani, for others it is as basic as eating.  Luxury depends on your need.  And the price is variable too.  For some it is money, it could be time, it may even be integrity.  But it is always a personal choice.

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