I am completely in love with Georgian London.  The more I create in Second Life the more I realise I was born in the wrong time as the 18th Century is filled with such beautiful things – well except for a few things like: women’s rights, sanitation and hygiene,  the legal system – death for theft is fairly severe, the food – not a salad or sashimi in sight, medical practices – one can only take so much leeching, transportation – I do like the sound of a V8 engine, obviously I’ve been married to a petrol head for too long and flying is quite convenient,  not to mention the lack of technology – although I loath phones I couldn’t live without my computer,  BUT besides all of that it was pretty cool.  Oh and you had to be wealthy and from the right class but just think of the things!

Georgian London was the shopping Mecca of the Universe in the 18th C – the growing Empire brought goods and consumables from around the New World supplying Londoners with the most amazing array of items.  Here are some from Phoebe’s room:

Phoebe sitting by the fire


On the mantlepiece is a beautiful enamelled Chinoiserie urn, a Wedgwood Jasperware vase ( a copy of the Portland Vase), an embroidered stand fan – to protect your face from the heat of the fire, a Cuaghley coffee pot and mugs,  Hogarth prints over the mantle and a Vauxhall Gardens print on the wall, a large Chinoiserie plate and desk and just out of view a intricately carved tea table.

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