Bathroom art

I couldn’t decide on what combination I would use so preceded to gather all the necessary accoutrements that I could find. I found some scrap pieces of felt – synthetic and natural, some wadding, wool tops, embroidery thread, an assortment of beads and various pieces of synthetic organza. I finally decided to group them in threes so that each canvas would have three smaller canvases of a similar colour and design.  By using similar techniques and theme on all three sets it would bring it all together.  I decided to use the free machine embroidery sandwich technique, laying down a base piece of a solid colour to enhance the depth of the colours above.  Next you lay down any wool tops, threads, yarns, other pieces of fabric, or any think you can think of to give you colour and or texture.  Then cover all of the layers with a sheer fabric, in this case I’m going to use the synthetic organza.  After some very tricky pinning I will stitch the base design and create texture and colour blending through the layers.  Finally I will beat it to enhance and complement the underlying stitching.

The first set has a base of white wadding, and then a layer of brown and beige wools covered with white organza, stitched with tricolour metallic embroidery thread and beaded with tiny glass beads and shell pieces.  The three embroidery patterns represent sand, shelves, and the bubbles created a at surfs edge.

IMG_7739 IMG_7738 IMG_7737

The second set has a background of black felt, a layer of fairy organza, then the blue and green of Nancy’s Monsoon wool tops, all covered with a green organza and stitched in a deep blue metallic thread.  As this set will hang in the middle of the three I chose not to bead it and to use the images of living things; fish faces, a giant clam, and a fan coral.

IMG_7735b IMG_7735a IMG_7735

The third set has a bottom layer of blue felt, covered in a layer of blue wool tops, silk threads and throwers waste, topped off with a pale organza and embroidered with silver metallic thread.  All three of these pieces are stitched with water themes; a swirling whirlpool, raindrops, and flowing water.  Then beaded with glass beads and tiny little fish.

IMG_7742 IMG_7741 IMG_7740

Finished set.


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