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Breakdown narrowly averted.  Well so far anyway, I haven’t submitted my story yet.  Preparing to edit my story again (I think this is number 10) I thought I’d better start the process review for my Creative Writing unit.  The unit’s main assignments have been a proposal for a story, a 6000 word short story – fiction that is, followed by a review of my adventures in story land.  Never having written a fictional piece before I was more than a little concerned with my indelibly etched historical bent, making things up is not what I do.  But that’s why I chose a Creative Writing minor in my degree, after a lifetime of writing in the business world, always concerned with informing or instructing, it will be nice to be loose with the “facts” and liberal with the “timeline.
So I hope you enjoy the posts over the next few weeks, as much as I enjoyed the writing process. I think I could get use to this new found writing liberalism – maybe a novel based in SecondLife.  Wouldn’t that be fabbo.

My lastest SecondLife persona:

Pirate Soosie - including Polly

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