The Georgian House

To facilitate our role playing in the house we have been assigned characters typical of the era in an 18th C London town house – I have a second avatar (not the movie kind I am quite tall but I’m definitely not blue)  or persona so that we are all anonymous.

The house has been furnished with period appropriate furniture, fittings, art works and acroutements.  Over the semester we have to research every aspects of our characters life; how they came to be in London, what they do in the house, their social lives, money matters, future prospects, consumption (not the disease! consumerism consumption  – shopping) and the evolving modern society.

What I have come to realise already is that most of our modern institutions have their origins in the 18th Century:

  • The financial world – banking, stock markets, even the global financial crises – the South Sea Bubble.
  • Colonialism & the British Empire
  • Consumerism
  • Industrialisation
  • Urbanisation
  • Pollution
  • Entrepreneurial-ism
  • Home Decorating!
A view through the window of our Georgian town house
Outside view of my shop

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