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History of Felt – Part 3

In Ancient Greece from around 500BCE felt caps were worn as the mark of fishermen, sailors and artisans.  Odysseus, Charon, Hephaestus and Dsedalus are all portrayed wearing pilleus (plural for pilea).  Interestingly the upper classes only wore the caps when travelling. The felted cap permeates Greek mythology.  Castor and Polydeuces, twins born of Zeus and […]

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History of Felt – Part 2

Even Noah has been implicated in these myths of origin, after stating that he noticed in the stalls of the ark, that wool, fur and fleece dropped by many animals combined with the urine and trampling of the animals to leave a thick matted material.  I think I prefer our methods using soap and water! […]

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History of Felt – Part 1

While my beaded felt curtain progresses I thought I would post an article I wrote a couple of years ago about the history of felt.  (I had to get some history in here somehow!)  Hope you enjoy. Pilea’s Incredible Journey – The Myths & Origins BCE This story is about the humble felt cap and […]

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