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At last!

My fairy lights came!  I can finally finished my beaded curtain project and I can get on with new ones.  Not much to tell about their construction – I just pushed them through and cut the holes.  The assembly was a little more difficult though – it took me a few goes to get the […]

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All that’s left to do is to put the curtain together.  As the opening is an arch I think I will have to make a hood or covering to bring it altogether but I feel I need to see the curtaining hanging before deciding on the shape.  And in order to do that – I […]

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Fairy Lights

There is one more type of strip I planned to make.  I’ve made two felt tubes and had planned to embroider them then thread a sting of Fairy Lights down them with holes for the LEDs to poke out of.  But I am having immense amounts of trouble getting hold of Fairy Lights.  Apparently the […]

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Embossing Powders and Felt

Stampers and Scrapbook fanatics will be very familiar with Embossing Powders.  Used with special stamp pads, felt tip markers and a heat gun they produce a raised image of your drawing or stamp.  I started to play around with these powders and their effect on felt a couple of years ago and just loved the result.  It […]

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Millefiori felt beads

Millefiori is the name of beautiful glass beads from Murano near Venice.  We can imitate their patterns with felt by making a long snake or sausage with multiple layers of wool then cutting the up when they’re done. The ones above started with a thin roll of bright blue wool which I lightly prefelted then covered the sausage with a […]

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Fish Skeletons

By this stage I had used all of the black felt that I made for the Peek a boos and I felt (sorry no pun intended) that as the black felt was the thread in the project I either had to make some more or find some.  After much rummaging, snuffling, shuffling and scuffling through my […]

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Buttons and beads

I have had a collection of small bright coloured buttons for sometime now – bought on a “Oooooo I will need them one day” whim – finally today was the day!  I chose to add blue, white and black buttons to the mix and by using black felt cut outs from the Peek a boos in the […]

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Sushi Rolls

Another simple idea to use up leftovers!  Lay out your chosen pieces of fabric and/or felt as you would when making sushi rolls: And roll them up!  Run a bead of fabric or tacky glue along the edge and pin to keep it in place. Once dry cut them into pieces. I then threaded them with alternate […]

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