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Another epiphany

It dawned on me today that reading David Coke’s beautfiul coffee table style book on the history of the Vauxhall Gardens has solidifed a very abstract idea for me.  Well not an idea more of a skill – a thinking skill.  I mean the ability to read an old document or source and discover things […]

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Is it all just fun?

Several of my friends just can’t believe that I get to play in Second Life for Uni and on the surface it probably looks like its all fun and games, so far I have been laughing off their incredulity but it does beg the question – what educational value does Second Life have for me?  […]

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Back to the Gardens

After a break from SecondLife it’s wonderful to be back in world.  I must admit that at first the idea of creating such a large piece of 18th century London was a little daunting; so I did the “Zen” thing and put it out of my mind.  Worked like a charm, always does.  It came […]

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Dr Who, Shakespeare and the Vauxhall Gardens

Off to Belgium via the Eurostar in a couple of days but first a romantic dinner with my husband at Gordon Ramsay’s at Claridges.  We are staying in a beautiful Edwardian hotel in Bloomsbury and I must admit whilst the student accommodation has been great (especially for the price) I am tired of queing for […]

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The Vauxhall Affray of 2011

My latest expedition was to the amazing Victoria & Albert  Museum – one of my favourite places on Earth.  They had a large exhibition on the Gardens in 2008 and still have a small corner in the 18th century section dedicated to all pleasure gardens and Vauxhall in particular.  Handel’s statue, the bust of Jonathan […]

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London Museum

Had a wonderful trip to the archive at the London Museum.  Sally Brooks the Librarian was so helpful delivering the four large volumes of documents concerning the Vauxhall Gardens.  Much of it was the same as the British Library and the Lambeth Archive but what they do have is an amazing volume filled with prints […]

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Lost in Lambeth

It would be easier to follow google map instructions if the streets had signs, thankfully a lovely local lady pointed me in the right direction but not after walking around and around.  I headed off to Lambeth today to view another archive of old Vauxhall Gardens documents. This archive consisted of a set of newspaper […]

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Attitude adjustment

After my trips to the British Library I have been pondering how to assess the social interaction of the different classes and as I mentioned in the last post I was afraid it would be omissions that would end up more relevant than what was documented.  Of course studying omissions can only lead the suppositions […]

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It’s still raining

I have become a supreme tuber!  Not the vegetable kind or the musical instrument either but a master of the underground or the tube.  What a fabulous system – Australia has nothing like it.  I love that I can get to most parts of London within such a short space of time and with realitve […]

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Guess what – its raining

I love travelling but Perth is just so far away from everything; I was completely shattered by the time I got to my digs in Notting Hill.  Besides being shattered I am freezing – although it is summer here London its actaully colder than Perth at this moment.  I think the three pairs of shorts […]

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