Make Felt 3 Ways

There are as many ways to felt as there are felters!  And as long as you make good quality felt it doesn’t matter.  But where to start?  In this Class we will discuss the Three Stages of Felting then learn three different methods for those stages.

Once you have mastered them you can chose which ones suits you best and then develop your own techniques as you go.

Learn how to make felt using three different methods:

  • Traditional Hand Roll & Toss
  • Sand & Tumble
  • Roll & Tumble
  • Plus download Recipes & Choices

Author: Soosie

5 thoughts on “Make Felt 3 Ways

  1. This is an excellent tutorial for beginners to felt making (like me!). Soosie is obviously a very experienced felt maker, and she has distilled a wealth of good information into this concise tutorial. Soosie’s voice is clear and she speaks in a way that is easy to understand. I have yet to make the samples. I will make them, as it’s clear from the video that these are necessary to understanding the properties of the particular wool in use (as the properties vary) in order to achieve a predictable result.
    Liz Arnold

  2. I already do some feltmaking, and this class covers everything you need to know. I’m working to learn more about felting over a resist and look forward to the cactus garden class!!

  3. I have felted alpaca fiber twice before, but had no idea how the shrinkage rates were calculated. This class explains each process well, plus provides the additional information needed to make a project. Thank you for providing the printable sheet to follow along with and for quick reference. 🙂
    Diane Ziomek
    Writer/Fiber Artist NotJustAlpaca on Etsy

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