Procrastination is the mortal enemy of deadlines and predictably it raised its ugly head for a week or so. As I was going on holidays over the Uni break I needed to get a complete first draft of the story finished so it could rest and relax. Like a beautifully cooked piece of steak I think any kind of writing should sit for a while before its first cut. I like to come back to it and ensure that it actually makes sense. Oh the plans we make. I diligently enforce a 10% a day writing quota that I obey with deference to the plan. It was going great guns until I got to the ending and… nothing. Absolutely nothing. I did all of things we discussed in the tutorials: I googled, I read, I scribbled on my diagrams, I what if-ed, I took a shower (all I got was wet) but I drew the line at vacuuming. I gave up and went on holiday.

Melaka River Old Melaka

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