Peek a boos

I started by making some thickish felt for the strips and then cutting it into strips 70mm wide.

Tailors chalk is fabulous for making dark coloured fabric, for light colours I tend to use a disappearing marker.  To keep the holes evenly shaped and spaced I made a template from some left over mounting board but any stiff cardboard would do.  To ensure that the strips had enough substance – both visually and structurally – I made sure that the edges where quite robust.  So the dimensions ended like this:

  • The strips are 70mm wide
  • The holes are 30mm wide and 50mm high
  • With 20mm between each repetition of the shape

This gave me an even border of black felt around each of the holes.

Next I laid out the beads and decided on the placement and colour order.  This took longer than making the felt!  Things to consider:

  • How many beads do I use?  – I needed to spread them across as many elements of the curtain as possible.
  • What shape?  Should I use one of every shape?  Which shapes complimented the shape of the cut-out?
  • What order should the colours be?  Which ones go well together?  Should I use every colour?
  • How do I string them?  They are actually very heavy so some engineering was required.
  • Finally how will the hang? Do I attached them to a rod/pole – then attach that to the wall?  Especially as the opening is an arch and not square.

All will be revealed!  Ciao

Author: Soosie

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