My story needs triage

A reading by Sol Stein about revision was a timely inclusion into the semester. His idea of a “Triage” process for revision was both informative and reaffirming. He too likes to get the framework right before developing character and final editing. If the framework isn’t right, the story won’t be right and all of the wonderful prose or three dimensional characters in the world won’t save it.

He provides an excellent guide to developing character through a series of questions and guidelines for general editing. I was very impressed with his advice, so much so that I have created a template checklist to use when I revise my work. I particularly like his slash and burn approach to words.

His final piece of advice reiterates what I have said in a previous post; let it rest and relax. And that’s what I did. I left it until now to edit it. I hope I do him justice.

Overall this process gave me two things: confidence that I could do this and advice on how to achieve it. You’ll be pleased to know that I have no new grey hair.

Next project… Making more felt coral.

Fan Coral Felt on canvas 900mm x x1200mm

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