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I took this project away over the summer with the intention of doing all the stitching but I quickly realised that my original idea was not quite right.  With a simple running stitch I started painting the stems with a vein like structure  covering a section of the fan with detailed stitches but every time I stopped and looked at it I had an uneasy feeling, so much so in fact that I put the piece away and didn’t return to it until we were back home.  In the back of my mind the negative space aspects of the coral kept presenting themselves.  The holes seemed more important than the stitches. With this in mind I ripped out all the stitching!

Once I was back in my studio  I doubled the embroidery thread and just stitched what I imagined were the main stems emanating from the trunks.  Then the leap of faith… I started cutting into the felt and in my usual obsessive manner couldn’t stop.

After a full week I finally finished.  Next post – The Gorgon revealed.

Author: Soosie

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