Licorice allsorts

I love these lollies they remind me of staying with my Grandmother over the summer holidays and its a great way to use up scraps and fabric and felt.  But first as promised the end result of the Peek a boos strips.  I chose to use the larger of the glass beads and every colour I had in a sequence.  It must be fate that I chose this project as there was the exact number of beads to the shapes that I cut – I love it when things come together like that!

I used a heavy duty nylon fishing line (doubled) to thread the beads, threading through the felt down into the hole and through the beads, making a knot around the bottom bead (so that it doesn’t slide down and compress the felt).  Here’s the result:

But back to the allsorts – these are pretty straight forward.  In choosing the fabric I looked at it from the edge (rather than the front or back) as this is what you will see.  This particular piece of leftover nuno felt has colours that compliment the beads and adding the black felt brings it together with the Peek a boos.  I simply cut the fabric in strips then into squares – none of this was down with precision – in fact I think the looseness of the shapes adds to the texture.  I also decided to add pink and blue beads to break up the allsorts.

Here’s the result.

Author: Soosie

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  1. Hi Soosie
    I thought you’d like to know, that in my notes today at Toss ‘n’ Tell, I described your square beads as licorice allsorts (without knowing you had actually called them that). You’ve most definitely been successful in creating ‘allsorts’, as that’s what instantly came to mind when seeing your beads.

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