After using 3 scalpel blades and blunting 2 pairs of embroidery scissors I finally finished the fan coral.  Here tis…


It’s not actually attached to the canvas yet as I am taking it to Feltwest in February for Toss n Tell.  Feltwest is an organisation of feltmakers here in Western Australia where I live.  We meet on the third Saturday of every month to socialise and talk about felt.  Its a fantastic group and our committee work so hard organising events and workshops with local, national and international tutors and the quarterly colour newsletter keeps me informed of whats going on and the latest in felting trends.  Visit the website – overseas members are welcome for $35 Aussie dollars its worth it for the newsletter alone!

But now the Gorgon is finished I must find another project, its still a month away from Uni Semester One  and I will go mad with boredom before then.  Luckily a thought struck me last night.  My studio is actually the formal lounge room of our house – we never used it so I took it over – but it has an archway and not a door and I have never been the tidiest of people and I often have several projects on the go at one time – so it would be nice to be able to shut the door on the clutter.  A door is not practical but an ornate curtain might be, I don’t want anything to solid and I love the idea of dangling things – so it seems appropriate the make a beaded felt strip curtain.  Off to my design book.  See you next time.

PS Happy Australia Day!

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