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With these four categories as a mantra I now feel confident that I can start to write my Honours thesis drawing on the discussions from throughout the semester.  Reflecting on my thoughts through this essay, I feel that the teachings have given me a better understanding of my own mode of thinking and I have […]

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Building Block – What is History?

Until posed that first time, I hadn’t really given the question any thought.  History is something that is always present; as a big nebulous cloud of people, events, and places of the past.  Something I read about.  But, of course, someone has to write the books to be read; therefore History isn’t History until someone […]

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What kind of Historian am I?

In first tutorial of my first History unit my tutor asked two questions of the group. Firstly – ”What is History?” and secondly – “Why did we choose it?”.  At the time, I found the first question extremely difficult to answer but the second, for me, was never in doubt.  Both of the questions were […]

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First Semester down!

Its been a while since my last post – sorry too many things on the go including the Feltwest site but I am remedying this right now!  I will post my essay and what kind of Hsitorian I think am I.  Plus will keep you posted about my felt book making exploits over the next […]

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What is history?

Finally! I am now an Historian – I finished my last unit and have officially passed – the graduation ceremony is in a couple of weeks should be interesting. But more importantly I have started my Honours Degree (master equivalent in most other faculties). We had our first session last week a nice small group […]

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