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The Japanese Aesthetic

I have admired the Japanese sense of style all my life. Relishing in the textiles, paintings, architecture, gardens, art, rituals and festivals. The simplicity yet complexity of their aesthetic has always been iconic around the world. For example, the elegant shape of toris, standing proud and silent, beckoning you to walk through them dressed in […]

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Blade runner

I have a confession – I love science fiction. Ever since I was a kid – about 5 or 6 – when the original Star Trek was first shown on TV, I have watched and read Syfy; in 1977 I saw Star Wars 17 times.  So I was delighted to land in Ueno in Tokyo […]

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Geikos and Maikos

Since I was a little girl of about 7 I have been fascinated with Geisha. My grandfather brought me a Geisha doll home from Japan, she was exquisite in her red kimono with dangling cherry blosom in her hair. She was posed with a slight twist from the waist coyly hiding her face behind an […]

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Many things come to mind when this city is mentioned, usually the terrible images of the devastation caused by the A bomb in 1945. And it is hard to think of Hiroshima without it – its why we chose to go there. But there is so much more than that awful event. Because of the […]

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Cleaning everyday makes you happy

Tokyo is amazing.   It is a contrast between the manic and the serene.  One minute you are surrounded by  a seething mass of moving humanity, splintering this way and that.  Yet one step off into the lane is a tranquil oasis of golden ginkgo trees, sleeping cat and parked bicycles. It took us 4 […]

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Did the earth move for you?

Within 7 hours of arriving in Tokyo my husband, our son, two of his mates and myself experienced our first earthquake. We have both been through tremours in Darwin that made our stilt house rattle a bit (mainly from the Mt Pinatubo eruptions in the early 1980s) but nothing like the scale of Friday.   […]

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