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After using 3 scalpel blades and blunting 2 pairs of embroidery scissors I finally finished the fan coral.  Here tis…   It’s not actually attached to the canvas yet as I am taking it to Feltwest in February for Toss n Tell.  Feltwest is an organisation of feltmakers here in Western Australia where I live. […]

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Making your mark

I took this project away over the summer with the intention of doing all the stitching but I quickly realised that my original idea was not quite right.  With a simple running stitch I started painting the stems with a vein like structure  covering a section of the fan with detailed stitches but every time I stopped and […]

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Ghost prints

Now that the canvas is dry we can remove the plastic film.  Get some one to help you with this stage – carefully lift the film of the canvas and place it paint side up on your bench.  Lay you white paper over the film to produce a ghost print.  These beautifully printed papers can […]

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Painting the canvas

This next step is where your small canvas comes into the equation.  Practice on these until you are confident with the paiting process then move onto your larger canvas. Cover the canvas with a thin even layer of retarder.  While it is still wet apply the drakest colour blue to the bottom third of the […]

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Preparing the canvas

Now you have all you materials gathered, lets begin.  Make sure you read the whole post before beginning – no nasty surprises that way! Paint the canvas with a thin even layer of Gesso to begin.  Allow to dry completely – this will depend on where you live.  Hot dry climates will dry quicker than […]

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Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a fabulous break and look forward to a prosperous 2011. As promsied I will post my progress on this project but just to recap; I  have decided to make a giant piece of fan coral from felt and mount it on a painted canvas.  So far the […]

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Next project – felted coral?

I’ve had this idea of making a large piece of fan coral from felt for sometime but haven’t had the time.  Now that Uni semester is finished I’ve finally got the chance and thought I would share the process with you.  So…  a large piece fo coral made of felt?  Why?  Why not?  I have […]

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