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Another epiphany

It dawned on me today that reading David Coke’s beautfiul coffee table style book on the history of the Vauxhall Gardens has solidifed a very abstract idea for me.  Well not an idea more of a skill – a thinking skill.  I mean the ability to read an old document or source and discover things […]

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Learning in Second Life

I am sad to say that my History Uni semester is over.  This has been one of the most enjoyable units I have done to date.  Although the Witchie unit was also fabulous! (Helen –  imagine it in SL)  I have now added another addiction to my list (there’s a pattern here) 18th Century London AND […]

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Crime & Punishment

As noted in a post a couple of days ago, executions were a huge entertainment for the lower classes of London.  So too were the activities at the Old Baily.  Executions were held regularly as capital punishment was the sentence for many crimes. As consumerism and affluence grows during the 18th Century a trend towards […]

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Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens

I am completely fascinated by the Pleasure Gardens of London, they are in effect the first Theme Parks and having been to a few modern ones, I know I would have prefered the Vauxhall Gardens to them. The gardens had activities like strolling through the tree lined avenues, rendezvous and trysts in side lanes, watching […]

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The increasing affluence in London also leads to a commercial entertainment industry.  Before urbanisation people’s entertainments were linked with those suitable in the country environment of an Estate, as only the Upper Classes  had leisure time.  But as the middling classes evolve the demand for mass entertainment arises and affluence grows eventually even the lower classes […]

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I am completely in love with Georgian London.  The more I create in Second Life the more I realise I was born in the wrong time as the 18th Century is filled with such beautiful things – well except for a few things like: women’s rights, sanitation and hygiene,  the legal system – death for theft […]

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Social Networking

Although there is little study done on the lower classes concerning Dinner Parties, there is certainly much evidence that they became an important social event for the middling to upper classes.  Hannah Glasse’s innovative method of recording recipe’s made her the “Queen of the Dinner Party” as she was the first to document recipes in […]

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Dinner Party Protocol

Our Menu First: Crawfish Soup served by the Lord with Toasts by each male member of the party. Second: Ducks a la mode Brace of Carp with gravy Potatoes & parsnips Ragoo of cucumbers Forced cabbage Asparagus Baked custard The table would now be cleared of all items and reset for the second half of […]

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