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I apologise profusely for not posting for a week.  I have no excuse except for life.  Second Life that is.  Uni has started again and I am doing my last two units for my degree and my History unit is fabulous!  I am studying the Georgian House (18th Century London) through Second Life – a virtual world.  From the first moment I entered the world I could see the most amazing applications for teaching History, its like having your own Tardis (Dr Who reference for the non believers).  All kinds of worlds have been and can be created and in any time you choose.  But how does this relate to art, craft, fashion, fabric or felt? By designing and making your own clothes and objects.  I have had the most amazing time exploring and playing with this new  media (to me anyway), combined with the fascinating things I am learning from my Professor (the wonderful Helen Brash) about 18th Century London I am in my element.

So bare with me for a while I absolutely MUST write about this experience.  Don’t worry it won’t be about the techno geeky stuff of Second Life itself – it will be about life and experiences of everyday things of London in the 18thC including fashion and shopping.

This is me in my Georgian shop and a pink silk 1720s style gown

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