Beaded Curtain – Studio Clean Out Challenge

I decided that for this project I should only use things I can find in my studio.  My collection of stuff has filled my available space and desperately needs a clean out but I hate throwing things out – our rubbish dumps are filled with stuff that people just got tired of or wanted the latest version of and besides if I empty it out I can collect a new lot!

So what have I got to work with?

  • A box of Indian glass beads that I bought on eBay for a song – I just love the wholesale lots in eBay
  • Plenty of left over felt and fabric – its exploding from the containers
  • Scraps of wool tops
  • An assortment of dimensional paint
  • Embroidery threads
  • Embossing powders
  • Foils
  • Fishing line

I pulled them all out and stared at them for quite a while, then rearranged them in lines, then in  groups, piles, colour ways, textures  and generally fluffed about for a day.  Being that this is a challenge to use only what I already have, I find just looking at the collection will inspire me, especially if I leave it for 24 hours – a very Zen thing to do!  BUT!  I will still get out my design book once the inspiration has hit me.  There are measurements and calculations that need to be considered;

  • How wide and long is the archway?
  • How many strips of curtain do I need?
  • How wide should they be?
  • Should they all be the same width?
  • How many beads do I have and how far can I spread them?
  • How much felt and fabric do I have?
  • How much felt will my leftover wool tops make?

and so on.  Next post – the design.  Ciao

Author: Soosie

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