felt Cactus

Barrel Cacti made from felt

I have had requests for images of the individual Cacti made from felt and a little about each one so here goes!  First up the Barrel Cacti.  I love these slow growing prickly giants.  It took me several attempts to get the ribs right –  each resist becoming more complex and more barrel like.    This […]

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Working with felt large scale

Cacti and succulents come in all sizes from tiny pebble size conophytums to giant saguaros. Working small has issues in detail but working large poses 2 main challenges; making a self supporting structure and handling the piece before it is felted. In the design phase I ensured that any branches, ribs or vanes were the […]

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Engineering the felt Cactus Garden

The ribs of cacti are either fleshy branch like sections of the main trunk or perpendicular vanes that sit proud of the trunk. This structure is a survival mechanism, it allows them to swell and shrink, to manage dramatic rainfall fluctuations without cracking or wilting.  Spines are both a protection mechanism, they prevent predators from […]

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Cacti made from felt.

Making felt prickly

Cacti have different kinds of spines and spikes depending on their main purpose. Some are defence against predators – it difficult to munch into something with long thick spines all over it. Some are for collecting moisture and providing shade so are finer and more delicate, and some are for insulation against cold and heat. […]

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Cacti made from felt.

Lifelike felt

The Cactus Garden pieces aren’t replicas of cacti & succulents, to think I could “reproduce” nature in its perfection would be arrogant but to infer their reality through attention to detail and context is achievable. To this end I studied the hundreds of images I have taken over the years from various botanic gardens around […]

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Did you know?

All cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti. Cacti & succulents grow in all habitats – desserts, snow, mountains, plains even in the tropics. Cacti are mentioned as far back as 4th century BC by the ancient Greeks. There are 2500 species of cacti and over 10,000 of succulents. Some cacti & succulents […]

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The Cactus Garden

I have had a lifelong obsession with succulents and cacti.  My first memory of them is in 1960s on a road trip along the Port Wakefield road north of Adelaide in South Australia.  A mysterious and strange cactus garden loomed on the side of the road the only thing for miles in the flat dry […]

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Back to blogging

Its been a while since I have blogged regularly and now feel the need to do so again.  I have got a really busy year ahead, and as I found when studying at Uni, blogging helps me keep things clear in my tangled maze of a brain.  So what have I been doing for the […]

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Melbourne Scarf Festival

Coast to coast Got a Highly Commended Thematic Category in the Scarf Festival in Geelong for my Coast to Coast scarf. Wool on silk using 33 resists. The theme for the festival was “coastlines” and my scarf was inspired by the Japanese traditional drawings of waves pounding the Japanese coast, I have used the hollow […]

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The Japanese Aesthetic

I have admired the Japanese sense of style all my life. Relishing in the textiles, paintings, architecture, gardens, art, rituals and festivals. The simplicity yet complexity of their aesthetic has always been iconic around the world. For example, the elegant shape of toris, standing proud and silent, beckoning you to walk through them dressed in […]

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