Jeanne Paquin –Maison Paquin 1891 – 1956

Paquin is a readily recognisable name yet it is her husband, Isidore Paquin, a wealthy banker, that is most often credited with her success. Jeanne Paquin was an exceptional woman, far ahead on her contemporaries. She pioneered many aspects of couture fashion including being the first women to have a recognised haute couture house, opened […]

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Product placement – a modern invention?

Haute couture and the decorative arts, magazines, the theatre, vaudeville shows and eventually film, have strutted and vogued down the business catwalk, manicured hand in designer glove since the 1860s.  Product placement is thought to be a modern invention, commonplace in contemporary television and film, but was invented by the fashion industry and they had perfected […]

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Synchronicity – Project Outline

Felt has a reputation as a textile for winter woollies, beanies, boots, scarves and blankets but very rarely referred to as glamorous or sexy.  Yet this is just not true!  In Australia we have become very adept at making light, fine felt and nuno that is wearable even during our summers.  Many of our talented […]

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